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Lighthouse Animal Rescue & Heart Bandits American Eskimo Rescue

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Lighthouse Animal Rescue believes that
all of God's creatures have the right to a good life.
As my motto says:

God has "dominion" over man.
He gave man "dominion" over the animals
Shouldn't we treat them like we want God to treat us?

.......Frances "Kitten" Jones

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Lighthouse Animal Rescue is a no kill animal rescue and adoption center. I acquire these precious animals through owner give ups, kill shelters, off the street, puppy mills, and many other sources.

Many have been horribly abused, neglected, starved, beaten, burned, etc. Others have lived in wonderful homes and, through no fault of their own, find themselves homeless.

Lighthouse works to STOP PUPPY MILLS! Pet store puppies come from "puppy mills." For more information on these torture chambers, see IMOM - Voices for the Voiceless, Puppy Mill, Puppy Mills and Animal Shelters and What Is a Puppy Mill?

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With Love they can begin to trust humans again and start to feel secure enough to want a human of their own.

Lighthouse is a "not for profit" shelter. The animals are given veterinarian attention and, to pay for this, we charge an adoption fee.

If you took your dog to the vet for the following procedures

it would cost anywhere from \\$150.00 to $300.00, possibly more.

Some animals come to the Lighthouse with ear mites, mange, eye or ear infections, etc. All of these ailments are treated by a vet. Through Lighthouse Animal Rescue, you can adopt a "best friend" who has already had all of the procedures above, for a fee of \\$100.00. This money goes to pay for:

and the many other things that are needed to house and care for these precious animals. Without the adoption fee, Lighthouse would not be able to continue rescuing these wonderful babies.

We are always in need of volunteers to come out and help with exercise, bathing, socializing, and most important of all....... Love and Compassion.

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To adopt an animal from Lighthouse Animal Rescue, you will be asked to fill out an adoption application and sign an adoption contract. You can see these forms at AdoptionApplication and AdoptionContract.

To view the animals that are available for adoption, click on the animated lighthouse above or on the stories button below. You'll see some of the Lighthouse success stories there as well.

If you are considering adding a "best friend" to your family, please don't buy from a pet shop. Pet shops buy their animals from puppy mills. Puppy mills are horrible places where the animals are never allowed out of their tiny cages. They are never petted or treated with any kind of compassion. They are forced to produce litter after litter and when they can no longer produce, they are inhumanely killed or dumped at a kill shelter.

To view our list of currently adoptable pets, please go to Petfinder.

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Heart Bandits

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Pet Adoption Application Adoption Contract

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